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Venice Travel Guide

Getting Venice

There are several ways of getting to Venice:
  • By plane
    To go anywhere in the world, the best option, though an expensive one, is by airplane. Venice is no exception. The city has an international airport "Marco Polo”, which is located in Mestre, where you can get to from any European capital, the airport also carries out international flights. Marco Polo is 10 kilometers from the city by sea and 12 kilometers by land, from here you can get to the city using ATVO buses, taxis, the Alilaguna motor boats, taxi boats and trains to Venice.

  • By car
    Another way to arrive to Venice is by car, although this is not recommended because it is quite expensive, yet it is easier to use this means of transport from highways and roads, as it only takes 15 minutes to get to the city. To arrive by car one should use the Libertà Bridge, which links Venice to the mainland. This bridge leads to the Piazzale Roma where the car park is, to use cars is only allowed up here. You can also use the car park of the island of Tronchetto, another option is to leave the car in the car park of Mestre and to arrive in Venice by public transport, bus or train.

  • By train
    If you want to visit Venice by train, you arrive at Santa Lucia station. This is a modern station, it has a safety cabinet that you can use for six continuous hours. Santa Lucia Station is located in the Grand Canal which crosses the entire city. From here you can use the "vaporetto" that directs you to San Marcos or just on foot, walking down the Strada Nuova.

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