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Rome for kids

If one is traveling with children to Rome, one shouldn´t feel worried at all because Rome is a lot of fun. Romans love children so they will find many facilities, in some parks people organize activities only for children.

Rome may sound boring for some children, because it’s the perfect place to learn more about culture, history and art, and yet some children may find it exciting as there are museums like the Museo dei Bambini di Roma which is only for children or the Museo Nazionales delle Paste Alimentaria where children can eat different kinds of pasta.

But if one wants children to learn, one can hire children-specialized tour guides, they make it fun for children to learn about Rome. One can rent bicycles in order to visit all monuments around Rome; this experience is an amazing one for children.

One can let children run, walk and do anything they want, in Giolitti children will find the perfect place to eat ice cream, this place makes the best ice cream around Italy, the shop is located in the center of Rome.

Christmas is the perfect time to go Rome; children will find many exhibitions, and Rome is all decorated, one can listen to people sing in the streets. The Fontana di Trevi would be an interesting place for children, the traditions says if one throws a coin into the fountain one can make a wish, one can also sit and have a snack, we recommend having pizza because Rome has the best places for pasta.

Now, children can be sure that Rome is a cool city, and they will find the most spectacular places to visit, and their parents can have fun as well: Rome is the ideal place for families.

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