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City of Pisa

Although Pisa is a small city with an ancient history there are many things that you can do in a few days, most of the population in Pisa is young and so this is the reason why Pisa has a lot of fun places where to find people interested in meeting other people.

Pisa is one of the best-known cities in Italy because it has the most famous tower in the world. The leaning tower is the main attraction in the city, this tower was declared a World Heritage in 1987 and yet, near this tower you can find others beautiful buildings such as the Piazza del Duomo, the Baptistery, the Campo dei Miracoli, the Camposanto, etc. The construction of the tower started in 1173 but it was halted for nearly 100 years because it started to lean; this happened because the land where the tower was built was a clay mixture. The architects continued with the project and it was finally completed in 1319 and in 1350 the bell of this amazing tower was installed.

Other features of the city are its universities, the first university was founded in the14th century, the University of Pisa, where young people around the world study, is considered the most important in the city. Nowadays the University of Pisa is the most prestigious cultural institutions in Italy.

For these and many other reasons Pisa is definitely a place you should visit, because there, you will find culture, ancient and amazing buildings, young people that like to meet other people, fun places where to spend your time, delicious food and much more.

Pisa Travel Guide
Pisa Travel Guide

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