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Painting & Sculpture: The High Renaissance

The High Renaissance is considered a period in Renaissance when the artistic production was outstanding, principally in Italy; most of them created in Rome or made for the Papal Council, the high renaissance is also characterized by the patronage or financial aid expanded for many artists.

The High Renaissance emblematic characteristics in painting are the rebirth of Classical art a complex composition, the detailed human figures and other features; Paintings of Andrea del Sarto and Michelangelo show the exaggerated gestures and posses in human characters; on the other hand Giorgione, The Mona Lisa shows a serene expression, monumental shapes and rich colors, clear and with a single source of light.

Sculpture in High Renaissance had great artists, who developed a style with the concentration of emotions, usually sculptors represented “beautiful” naked bodies representing heroic and divine qualities, all these styles made sculptures seem real, with the forms, movements and expressions. Unlike painting, which was commissioned by the Church, sculpture was usually commissioned by the public or the state.

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