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Painting & Sculpture: The Romans

Many of the characteristics of Romans were adopted from Greek and Etruscan art, Painting in Roman period was mainly using the secco method and there are also some made in fresco method; the subjects for art productions were many, from animals and quotidian facts, mythological characters and erotic scenes as well as Christian & pagan themes.

Romans featured landscapes, which is one of the differences from Greek or Etruscans; whence they featured the perspective for their paintings; they featured paintings about everyday objects, portraits, triumphal paintings which shows the arrival of militaries after their victories including episodes of battles.

Sculptures in Roman period were influenced by Greeks, it is believe that sculpture in Ancient Rome was polychrome but the paintings were damaged and worn with time, another characteristic of Roman Sculpture is the many kinds of materials used for sculptures. They began with the production of busts ad human-body sculptures to make propaganda of the emperors and authorities.

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