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Padua Travel Guide

Getting Padua

So you decided to go to Padua and you do not have a clue as how to get there? Well here some options:

By train: Padua is in the middle of the train route Venezia-Milano and Venezia-Roma, that is why a lot of trains are available, you have to be careful since Padua is not exactly in the middle of the train routes so we recommend you check the webpage for Italian trains.

Tickets are valid for 2 months but you have to validate them at the yellow machines that are at the entrance of the train station.

By car: It is a good way to get to Padua, and if you come from a city you got to take the highway Venice (A4), Milan (A4) and Bologna (A13). The safest and fastest way to get to Padua is by taking the highway and follow the signs; of course do not forget that you have to be sure your hotel has a parking lot because it’s hard to find one in Padua.

By air: You cannot reach Padua thru air directly since Padua does not have an airport, so you might want to take a plane to the airport “Marco Polo” in Venetia, which is the closest one to the city of Padua and after that you have to take a bus, buses are cheap and they are available from 6:00 am to 12 am.

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