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Explore Padua: Central Squares

Padua city has a lot of squares so we will specify a little more about each one.

Prato della Valle. - The name of Prato della Valle means “Square of grass”, this square is one of the biggest ones in Europe, and it was designed by the famous architect Andrea Memmo, and because of the moats that surround the center of the square the building takes the name of the Island of Memmia. Every 3rd Saturday of each month, the market of antique goods is open and every Saturday locals sell flowers, clothing and accessories.

Piazza delle Erbe, Piazza della Frutta. – They are located across the Ragione Palace both south and north. The market of Piazza delle Erbe sells fruit and vegetables daily except for Sundays when they don’t open; the market of Piazza della Frutta sells clothing and accessories, these two places are really amazing because they show how locals live and how they continue the traditions of the Elder Padua.

Piazza degli Signori. – The Piazza turns into a market every morning. The most important features of the square are the clock tower and the marble pillar. At the top of the marble pillar you’ll find a lion symbolizing the Venetian Republic.

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