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Most of Naples photos we present you are from peculiar places in Naples, historical famous places and wonderful sights of the city but it’s just a piece of Naples and of all the attractions that the city offers.

Islands that surround Naples are Ischia, known as the “Green Island“, which besides the great sights, places and relax offer, is highly recommended by doctors and therapists due to its thermal hot springs. Another Island is Procida, the smallest island, which is rich in vegetation; and finally Capri which is famous due to the colors formed during daytime by the sunlight.

Walking by Naples city is a tour you cannot miss, especially in the historic centre which, with almost 450 historical religious buildings, attracts tourists from many parts of the world; from the city square and the palaces that it hosts, to the subterranean Naples or “the underworld” that exists from the Greeks colonization and which is nowadays full of legends and popular beliefs entwined around this interesting place.

This page contains a large selection of naples photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc.

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