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Naples Travel Guide

Getting Around Naples

Naples offers well-connected public and private transportation, some of them are:

Local Buses: Transportation by Local Buses is a great way to get to know the city, meet new people, make friends and even practice your Italian, on the other hand, they tend to be crowded and maybe itís more recommendable to visit the town on foot.

Train: Trains can be more comfortable than local buses, the main station is located in the Piazza; the Naples metro is a faster way to get around Naples, with the rapid transit railway system. Other important stations are Napilo Campi Flegri and Napoli Mergellina.

Private transportation: Most people in Naples use compact hatchback cars, scooters, bikes and other common and simple means of transportation, though maybe you should not hire one because it could be a bit dangerous.

By sea: Naples counts with a Port, which has services open to public, especially to those who want to travel to one of the islands around Naples; due to the commerce at the port youíll find many enterprises which can transport you.

Taxis: The taxi service is also offered in Naples but taxis are not an easy choice due to the traffic and the cost, but they can be a great experience if you have a good driver.

Naples Travel Guide
Naples Travel Guide

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