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Eating in Naples

Italian cities have their own main attraction, architecture, museums, art, religion, fashion and more, but the main attraction in Naples and what many people consider the synonymous of the name of the city is the worldwide known pizza.

The gastronomic culture in Naples was influenced by many cultures over the time, due to recipes, techniques and even the products from other places such as Arabian, Normans, Spanish and French, all of them contributed to the creation of the traditional dishes that are known as Neapolitan nowadays.

The Neapolitan Ice-cream as The Neapolitan pizza was created in Naples and consists of an ice-cream with three molded flavors without packaging among them.

The popular drink in Naples is wine, such as the Terzigno and one of the typical wines is known as Lacryma Christi, and is produced from an area close to the Vesuvius.

You can taste these and other dishes from Neapolitan cuisine around the world, in many bars, restaurants or fast-food establishments but eating them in Naples is a unique experience, and you’ll taste the original recipe which cannot be duplicated.

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