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Milan Travel Guide

The City of Milan

Milan, a city that brings up extreme feelings, is located north of Italy in the Lombardy plains. It has a population of 1,300,000 inhabitants approximately. It is considered as the economical and financial capital and the second largest city in Italy, it is also well-known for the excellent quality of its furniture and industrial products. It can’t be compared with other cities of Italy regarding beauty, because of the destruction occasioned by the Second World War, but nowadays it has turned into the cosmopolitan business capital with many attractions to offer to people, not only because of its places but because of the lifestyle of its inhabitants, shopping football and opera.

Milan is famous for its fashion scene and it is one of most influential cities in such respects around the world, along with Paris, London and New York City. Currently, important fashion brands have their central offices in the city. Through year there are events that gather fashion lovers, models, photographers and other people interested in the world of fashion. Nowadays, designer showrooms are other of the main attractions in this wonderful city.

Regarding the weather in Milan, it is typically Mediterranean. During the winter season there is fog and occasional snowfall, with temperatures around 0 to 8° C. In summer the city is hot and humid, and the temperature increases in July and August, it usually reaches 29°C. Some people consider May and June (with an average of temperature of 18°C.) the best time to visit Milan.

The cultural face of Milan is enjoyed by tourists. Culture is reflected through churches, museums and the architecture one can see when walking by this great city. Many of these places attract tourists. Art is also an important expression of the culture in Milan. Milan is an important center for performing arts, especially opera. The city hosts the most prestigious opera house in the world called “La Scala”. Major theatres also include “Dal Verme”, “Regio Ducal” and “Degli Arcimboldi”.

The most popular and favorite sport in Milan is football. There are two well-known and representative football teams in Milan; they are Ac Milan founded in 1899, and Inter FC founded in 1908. These teams are part of Italian football history. Both of them won many competitions. So, if people visit Milan they can enjoy watching a football game and feel the magic this sport offers.

Milan Travel Guide
Milan Travel Guide

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