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Television and Radio in Italy

RAI, Radio Audizioni Italiane, is a public radio and television company in Italy, which broadcasts services such as entertainment, information and original programs that the radio station has for Italians who live abroad and for people who are interested in knowing about the country. RAI broadcasts news, sports, music, information and others. The programs of RAI are transmitted by web, medium wave and satellite. RAI is considered the first group regarding audience and the fifth group of public broadcasting in Europe.

Currently, RAI has 11 radio stations; three of them are of general interest, while the rest of radio stations offer thematic services which are transmitted in FM and DAB. RAI 1, 2 and 3 transmit national and regional information and entertaining musical or cultural programs. IV Canale Filodiffusione, V Canale Fillodiffusione or Auditorium, Isoradio and GR Parlamento exclusively transmit classic music, road information and sessions of Italian parliament. RAI Internazionale or RAI Italiana is the international radio chain; Rai Sender Bozen and Radio Trst A provide radio services in German and Slovenian for the region of Trentino-Alto Adigio and province of Triestre. Finally, Radio RAI Sport is specialized at transmitting sports by internet.

RAI broadcasts television services since 1954 and manages13 channels in digital terrestrial television, the most important channels are RAI Uno, Due and Tre because these channels were the first to be created. The television channels of RAI present a special program based on education and entertainment, series, reports, national and regional information, films, documentary, sports, etc.

Although RAI is the most important radio-television group in Italy there are others groups with the same services. The second most important is Mediaset, it has commercial channels such as Canale 5, Italia 1 y Rete 4. The third most important is Telecom Italia Media, which administer open-signal channels such as La7 and MTV Italia and Sky Italy, which broadcasts digital terrestrial television services since 2009.

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