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Newspapers in Italy

Italian people like to be well-informed that is the reason why there are many kinds of Italian newspapers, 80 newspapers approximately, in northern Italy there are two main newspapers: La Repubblica and Il Corriere della Sera and the main regional newspapers for the south are: Il Gazetto del Sud and Mezzogiorno, but all Italian regions have their own newspaper where one can see the main news in each region.

Some of the most important Italian newspapers are:
  • Alto Adige: This newspaper is based in northern Italy and the main characteristic of this newspaper is that two pages are written in German because in the past the northern of Italy was occupied by the Austro-Hungarian Empire.
  • L'Arena: This newspaper is based in the north and in the east of Italy and it is maybe the oldest in Italy because it dates from 1866.
  • Corriere dello Sport/Stadio: It is made in Roma and is maybe the main newspaper that specializes to sports
  • Il Gazzettino: It is the main newspaper in Venice and one of the oldest because it dates from 1887.
  • La Nazione: Is the most important newspaper in Florence, it is based in the center and in the north of Italy, it is also distributed in Umbria.
  • La Repubblica: It is based in the south of Italy and is published in Rome so it is distributed in all the Italian regions.
  • Il Sole 24 Ore: It is made in Milan and is the main financial newspaper in Italy.
  • Corriere della Sera: It is published in Milan and distributed in all Italian regions; Italian people say that it is the Italian New York Times.

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