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Fax and the Internet in Italy

Currently, internet is the main communication means in the world, but in Italy it is not easy to get access to internet because there is an Italian law against terrorism in order to protect Italian people. The law says that a tourist in Italy who want to access to internet must carry his passport to monitor all pages which are visited by the tourist.

The main reasons are the recent terrorist attacks that occurred in Europe, Italian authorities think that this is a good idea to fight terrorism and when tourists want to get access to internet in a public place they must show their identification, in this case their passport; if one is playing, listening to music or just watching a video in YouTube, all these sites and pages will be monitored by the Italian police.

The law says that all managers that offer public communication services must get a photocopy of the passport of each customer that uses the Internet, phone, or fax. The law is creating a heavy atmosphere because tourists do not want to be monitored all the time and managers do not want to ask customers for their passports. Before this law was introduced, customers were anonymous to managers but now customers must be identified by their names and their surnames, they also must document about the computer they are using as well as their log-in and log-out times.

Most people think that this law is not necessary because terrorists do not use cybercafés and tourists state that the new law violates their privacy, it’s compared to America's anti-terrorism law that allows authorities to monitor Internet use without notifying the person.

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