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Trains in Italy

The train as transportation is one of the oldest in human history, though many modern nations still use, it is not only for transport. By ways of illustration, Italy is the leading European country using this kind of transportation.

Since the first line was built in 1839, Italy has had one of the most important railway infrastructures in all Western Europe up to date, with 19,394 kilometers (12.051 miles). From cities like Milan to Reggio di Calabria, Italian railway system has connections with the entire country; proving that most of the rail system in the country serves well.

This nation stands steeped in natural splendor so the railway service is a good way to see those amazing landscapes and all the spectacular views throughout Italian land. You can find an unforgettable spiritual atmosphere in Dolomit Mountains and picturesque natural sceneries like the hills of Tuscany combined with all the classical architecture all in the same territory.

There are many railway companies in Italy you can consider, to illustrate this point we are going to mention some of them: Treni Eurostar Italia, Intercity Plus train, and Regionale Trains, the latter is the cheapest you can find. Now, train tickets are also much cheaper than flight tickets, nevertheless, you have to keep in mind that rush hours are the less indicated time to board on some of these companies.

Taking the train in Italy is the best decision you can make in order to avoid annoying procedures such as renting a car or driving in a different country. Get rid of stress and enjoy the breathtaking cities in Italy as much as you can. In addition, you can find railway tourist companies in Italy like Escorted Italy Tours, Orientarsi Tour and Independent Train Traveling; they offer interesting train tours to popular destinations.

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