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Getting Around Italy

Italy offers tourists many options for transportation around the country. Once in Italy you donít have to worry about this if you planned in advance the way to get around.

Italy is well-connected due to its transportation system; here youíll find a lot of useful information and tips to travel around Italy by train, bus, car, plane, ferry and even bicycle; you must analyze all the options and choose the best for your trip, consider the size of your destination and the time that youíll spend in the country; maybe youíll prefer a fast means of transport, but you must be careful with your budget; Our main advice for you is: do not waste your precious vacation time.

Trains in Italy Buses in Italy Planes in Italy
Trains in Italy
It will be a pleasant experience because the country counts with a great train system.
Buses in Italy
It is a great way to move around Italy meeting new friends or practicing the language.
Planes in Italy
It is the faster way of transportation, also is easily done due to the frequency of flights.
Ferries and hydrofoils in Italy Driving in Italy Hitchhiking
Ferries and hydrofoils in Italy
It is an original way to know the country and the islands that surrounds it.
Driving in Italy
Driving around Italy is a comfortable way to get around the country.
Getting around Italy by Hitchhiking can be a problematic experience if you arenít knowledgeable.
Cycling and motorbiking in Italy Rome apartments
Cycling and motorbiking in Italy
It will be an amazing experience; youíll see that most people in Italy get around by bike.
Rome Apartments
Rome has thousands of places to explore.

Driving schools

Driving schools in Italy

Driving schools teach driving, and road safety. In the driving schools directory you will find information about road safety, driving knowledge, vechicles and equipment. A driver training course, or hight-school driver education program approved by the provincial government can teach you the skills, and attitudes you need to be a safe, and responsible driver.

Traffic schools

Traffic schools in Italy

Improve your driving skills and possibly get a ticket dismissed or your insurance premium reduced. Taking a traffic schools course can also earn you a discount on your car insurance premiums. And, of course, if your driving skills just need a tune up, you can sign up to improve your driving techniques.

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