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Getting Around Genoa

Genoa is a wonderful city and it has many interesting and important places to see, such as the aquarium, San Lorenzo Cathedral and the Lanterna so one needs a way to get around the city. This beautiful city has many urban and intercity buses; urban buses connect the entire city. There is a subway line that has five stations, another way to get around the city is by taxi, and there are two cable cars and many elevators. If you buy monthly subscriptions, you can use the subway, train, buses and boats within the city, but it doesnít include the Volabus, which is a bus that goes to the airport.

The subway is a transport service for a specific urban area in Genoa and the shores of Liguria. It cannot transport many people and its schedule is limited so it isnít a service one would recommend, you can visit the city with a bike instead.

Getting around by car is great because you can have a view of the town. Itís very difficult to visit the city center or going shopping there; you must park only in allowed areas but there is a small parking area for foreigners, which is located in Piazza Matteotti. Going by bus or walking is a better idea than going by bus because a ticket costs around 0.75 Euros and it lasts for one-and-a-half year.

ATM Company manages the buses network and the subway, elevators and cable cars are managed by the same company and these allow tourists to ascend and visit the mountains in a few minutes. The ticket for the ATM service has a discount and it is sold every day. Card Musei, other special offer, allows tourists to visit all museums in Genoa.

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