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Florence photos

Florence is an impressive destination due to the culture and history that surrounds you while you walk through the city; a visit to Florence wonít be complete if you donít go on a tour to the main museums in Florence and see the great artworks displayed there.

But artworks arenít only displayed in museums; there are also many paintings and sculptures in Churches such as Santa Maria Novella, The Dome of Brunelleschi or Duomo de Florence, San Miniato al Monte, Santa Croce and more.

There are awesome sculptures in the Boboli Gardens with great scenery, with abundant vegetation; or enjoy the awesome view in the Ponte Vecchio: the highest hill of the city, with a clear blue sky and the reflection of the city in the water; check out these pictures and other very interesting photos of Florence city.

This page contains a large selection of florence photos, city views, monuments, churchs, streeets, attractions, etc.

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