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Florence Travel Guide

Florence Weather

Florence weather is quite special, and its determined by the location of the city.

Best months to visit this city are April, May, June, September and October because the weather is warm and the city is less crowded unlike July and August, which are really hot months and many Florentines travel due to the climate.

Florence Travel Guide
Le Cascine
Florence Travel Guide

If you are planning to visit Florence keep in mind not only the information about weather, but also the information about the high season, because its also influenced by the climate. Most airlines are over booked from June to September because the routes are in great demand. The low season is from November to March but it isnt the best season to travel to Florence due to the climate. The season we recommend you to travel to Florence is from April to May because of the weather and the prices of services.

Florence Weather
Maximum Minimum
January 9C / 48F 1C / 34F
February 11C / 52F 2C / 36F
March 15C / 59F 4C / 39F
April 20C / 68F 7C / 45F
May 23C / 73F 11C / 52F
June 28C / 82F 14C / 57F
July 31C / 88F 17C / 63F
August 31C / 88F 16C / 61F
September 27C / 81F 14C / 57F
October 20C / 68F 10C / 50F
November 14C / 57F 5C / 41F
December 10C / 50F 2C / 36F

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