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Florence Travel Guide

City of Florence

The city of Florence is the capital of the province which takes the same name; the city is considered to be a jewel of Art, it is also one of the most industrialized cities and its principal economical activities are crafting and tourism due to the numerous attractions you can find within it. Florence was also, according to history, the birthplace for renowned artists, and scientists.

A trip to Florence city will give you the great opportunity to see the remains of ancient cultures from this zone closely, which influenced the most important changes for humanity. Florence was a witness of the creation, development and fall of the major cultures of the world from the Etruscans to the Romans and the Renaissance.

But Florence offers more than history and Culture, a trip to Florence also provides a range of options for entertainment such as Shopping, Nightlife, Spas, Cooking classes, climbing and other wonderful activities for all family.

Florentines were not only the creators of new cultures and artistic styles; they were also the promoters and financial backers for the exploration and discovery of new routes for commerce and new lands. Florence was also part of the study of new sciences such as Anatomy, Astronomy, and even political sciences.

The ancient Florence, from the 14th century, was made up of four Quarters:

  • Santa Maria Novella
  • San Giovanni
  • Santa Croce
  • Santo Spirito
Nowadays Florence is divided into five Administrative Divisions:
  • The historic Centre
  • Campo di Marte
  • Gavinana
  • Isolotto and
  • Rifredi.

Florence Travel Guide
Florence Travel Guide

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