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Florence Addresses

If you are coming to Florence and this is your first visit itís necessary you have the information on the Address system in Florence, nowadays itís quite easy to get around a city using online maps, and in this matter technology is really helpful.

Although technology is a great assistant when it comes to finding an address in Florence and Florence Address system is unique. We will help you with some examples:

Florence addresses for residences are represented with a number in black or blue, and businesses have numbers in red, to identify the building you must look at the color or its representation, for business a 'r' following the number like in the example:

  • Business:
    Ufficio Postale
    Via de' Barbadori, 37-r

  • Residence:
    Via Camillo Cavour, 71 (in black on a White background)
    So itís possible to find two buildings with the same number in different colors.

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