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The basics of Italian cuisine

Do you know what a meal means in Italy?

Meals are the time to expand, to share, to be a family. Italians think of meals as one of the most important times of the day because is where they show respect for the family.

The typical cuisine of Italy is great and varied in all the country because of Italy´s great variety in temperatures and climes. For example, in the north of Italy people have better wheat, rice, corn and polenta; in the south the olives for oil and oregano are the most used. So if the key reference is the zone we will have some precious dishes in south Italy like: beef stew, vincentian cod, and many other; and in the north we have: Penne alla Contadina and others.

We must say that the main ingredients in Italian cuisine are meat and fish.
There are a lot of dishes in Italian cuisine that are based on pasta and vegetables. Depending on the location of the town in the country, food will have some different flavors, but Italian food will always mean the same.

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