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Drinking in Italy

Italy is the mayor producer of wine in the world, which is considered the best one (according to some experts). The Italian wine has a large tradition and its history may begin in the Roman Empire, the clearest probe is the veneration of Baco, the God of Wine.

Italian wine was in danger in the 60ís because some of the best producers empowered the quantity upon the quality. But now Italian wine is on the atrium, and is one of the best in the world regarding the past.

Tasting all the kinds of wines that produces Italy is almost impossible. The country has a diversified variety of grape vines, which are harvested according to the region. Happily for us almost every bottle of wine says what kind of vine it comes from and we can taste some of the species of vines that are harvested in Italy.

Of course, as in any other country, you can find beer, Vodka, whisky or birra. And if you want something more traditional you can try the grappa, destillato and the vino sfuso, each one of these has a different taste and depending on which one you chose your palate will experience a different part of Italy.

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